What Does A Champion Feel?

I have a very dear companion named Leslie, and she and I were in Philadephia last month for a four-day leadership workshop. One night, after a long day of training, we discovered that the steps that Rocky climbed in his movies were not far away, so we set out to find them. In my exuberance and enthusiasm, I had us nearly run over by jaywalking to shorten our path! These are not just ordinary steps leading up to the Art Museum–they hold a power of champions. I was lifted by a presence that is palpable there, a feeling of courageous heart and clear seeing. We asked around if Rocky’s statue was still there, and from the mouths of fellow tourists, no one knew. Someone said it had been removed.

Two days later we were pulled back to the stairs again. I was drawn to run them and thrust my arms into the air at the top, as a symbol of victory. But in the midst of our journey, I had to find a bathroom. I spotted a park on the other side of the parkway and a building that looked like a recreation center. We changed our direction to find the bathroom, only to discover the doors were locked. We continued onward.

My stubbornness can get in the way of listening, and I initially was attempting to get us back to our original path. But Leslie took over and kept us on the sidewalk, not wanting to repeat the jaywalking episode. This led us to approach the museum from a very different angle. As we crossed the intersection, I was taking in the beauty of the radiant sky and thinking about my desire to climb the stairs, when we came face to face with none other than ROCKY’S STATUE!! It’s still there! If I hadn’t sought out a bathroom, and if Leslie hadn’t kept us on the sidewalk, we wouldn’t have found it. I was so elated!

What does a champion feel? Power, focus and magic–like this!

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