Steve Jobs spoke at the Stanford Commencement ceremony in 2005, with words that were very close and dear to his heart. Now that his transition has occurred, those words have a deeper penetration for each of us, because he spoke of the fragility of LIFE and the awareness of pending DEATH. It’s the same for all of us day to day, but Jobs knew his body was struggling. A few pieces from his speech that I found extremely moving:

Your time is limited…don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition…everything else is secondary.

Jobs also said there was alot for each of us to do here on this planet. He felt we each were “being asked to make your own unique dent on the universe.” What if each of us kept our focus on that higher level, that larger focus of our purpose for walking the plaent? There would be minimal time for the trivia that distracts us on a regular basis: relationships, grievances, blame, squabbles.

To embrace this day, this moment, to dedicate a life to discover purpose step by step, to learn and learn and keep learning, that is a life well lived. Here’s to the beautiful dance between LIFE and DEATH. To the grace and beauty and balls of exploring what is unique for each of us to discover. I hope to be inspired and inspired for the greater me to emerge.

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