I Luvv This Rain!

I was out walking in the torrential rain yesterday and I couldn’t get enough! It was coming down so strong that I had to wear a hat so low on my face that it blocked my vision, as you can see in the photo. Because of it, I ran into a thick tree branch and an overhanging bush while walking to the grocery store. I cracked myself up! Here I am out in the rain by preference and smashing into things and feeling SO HAPPY! The rain was torrential, and my shoes and pants were drenched within minutes, but I luvved it! Memories of childhood escapades flooded my thoughts — putting my face up into the wet sky and splashing in the puddles.

While I was drinking in the pleasure of the wetness, over 25,000 runners were racing the LA Marathon! Multitudes of runners of all ages, shapes and sizes were going for it in the rain. Some of them must have been running their first marathon. I tracked my friend, Ben, via texts at 4 intervals on the course, and he braved it! The winner, Markos Gineti from Ethiopia, set a course record in this rain and it was his debut to marathons–he was “rain-aided!” One of the top men’s finishers said, “It’s the roughest race I’ve ever run in the rain.” The rain was definitely the adventure of the day!

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