I always claim the month of May as my birthday month. It feels more expansive and expressive than a day. I was with my Mom on my actual birthday, May 7th, so this last weekend I celebrated with friends at Your Neighborhood Studio where we danced our petooties off and learned an entire routine to Rihanna’s What’s My Name?

What a way to celebrate! Brandon Anthony was our instructor and he was beyond awesome in finding a pace we could handle, pushing us to keep going, and pulling more essence out of each of us!

Check out my fun slideshow of our pre and post dancing, eating at an awesome new restaurant Moko in Culver City, and photos of some of the great individuals who were with us in spirit!

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  1. Miss Gail, Happy Belated Birthday! I’m like you, I claim the whole month too! Hope you and the family are well and happy. Hello to Jerome and Pharoh, is he away in school?

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