Honoring The Power of Desire

I awakened Saturday morning with a burning desire to get back into dancing. It’s been years, but I remembered the full-body sweat of a jazz or modern dance class. I felt such a jones to feel that explosion from my core again. So I jumped on the internet and found The Top 7 Dance Studios in Los Angeles on the Huffington Post! Wow, and one was close by: Your Neighborhood Studio (YNS) in Culver City.  Check out their video.   I just have to stop and give DESIRE credit, because when I honor it, (instead of worrying) there is speed, ease, wonder, thrill and magic. That’s what occurred here.

So YNS was advertising their ONCE A YEAR Open House – happening the next day! The only day of the year, and here I am finding it 24 hours before. They were offering an entire afternoon of half-hour sample classes with no fees, so I plopped myself in their hands and said, “Let’s go!”

First of all, the 3 dance studios were spacious and beautiful, lit from  opaque skylights in high ceilings above. Each instructor–every single one–expressed with vibrant, enthusiastic contagion! Each of them seemed to be having such a blast. That’s what kept me going and dancing and sweating and exploring. I was doing moves and steps that I didn’t know I could do and enjoying the discovery of what my body could do.

The silly part is that there were about 100 of us crowded in these spaces, and it somehow just worked. I started with Cardio Carnivale, dancing to such a festive beat and colorful moves. Then I joined Pop Video, where I learned a piece of choreography from a Beyonce dance video. Wow was that fun! Following these two, feeling juiced up and muscles pumping, I joined in with Zumba, uncovering my Latin wild side. My eyes felt as large as saucers, and my being felt utterly renewed. My last class was Burlesque, and I couldn’t get enough sexy expression.

How could I have known my desire would bring such thrilling magic as this? How did I know these classes would acclimate everyone there? I felt this day brought people present and current with the bizaar energy of 2011.  I felt a transformation occur, like an L Train blasting into the new year, bringing everyone on board into an “I can” energy that was vibrant, open and sexy!

And there’s more – this was  THE ONLY DAY OF THE YEAR where people could buy 15 classes for the price of 10.  I’ve learned that spending money on my desires works,  so  I did, and  I can’t wait to get started.

Here’s to the magic that comes from trusting and honoring DESIRE. I’m jazzed!

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4 thoughts on “Honoring The Power of Desire

  1. As always so inspirational. I wish I could put a tap on the positive energy that flows through your mind and soul.
    Love you,

  2. Gail,
    Thank you for sending me your website filled with positive information.
    A week after you walked into my office, my sister B. was diagnosed with brain cancer.
    I spent that next week in shock, and at the hospital through her surgery. She is back home now, preparing for treatments and determined to fight this. God sends people to cross our path at mysterious times, and gives us strength. I’ve enjoyed reading your website, and am practicing the breathing, getting through each day. Being positive will help us all remain stronger. Thank you, Paige

  3. I enjoyed every article and video! They were all so inspirational and thought provoking in different ways. I feel uplifted and ready for the day ahead, not just ready, but excited to embrace its possibilities and gifts. Thanks for the reminder to notice and appreciate them! Go Green!

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