Are You Happy Yet?

Here’s a simple way to find happy in the midst of great change!

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8 thoughts on “Are You Happy Yet?

  1. Gail,

    What a great picture of you! What kissable lips! I hope you and the fam are doing well. Good luck with your blog.

  2. Gail,
    What a lovely surprise to find you in my (E)mailbox!
    This video reminds me of myself when the kids did their newscast for Spanish class! You are so right about the therapeutic value of laughter! I’m a whirlpool of activity these days but we will connect soon! Until then, much love and keep planting these positive seeds! My best to the family!

  3. This is great! Laughter is definitely the best medicine and you can’t help getting into a happy mood when you experience a true belly laugh. I recently attended a laughter yoga class (yes, I was amazed to find out this existed, too) and it really improved my mood. The importance of laughter for your health and well-being is often underestimated!

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