33 Miners Trapped for 69 Days

Talk about the Courage to Keep Going–33 miners, ranging in age from 19 -63, were trapped for 69 days 1/2 mile underground in Chile. The rescue efforts from the world showcased greatness, compassion and luvv on a very large level. They organized themselves, they kept a circadian rhythm of day and night, and each took on tasks that kept them a valuable part of the whole. I think about tough days I’ve had lately, and then I contrast it with 17 days of them not even knowing if rescue efforts could find them. So for those days, their rations were merely dabs of tuna, small amounts of milk and a cracker every 48 hours. Confined in a 500 square foot space, this area accommodated 33 men. I am humbled, honored and lifted by their incredible journey of hope. My dear companion, Sharon McKenzie, posted this

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