Seeing with New Eyes

I’ve recently seen the movie, Remember the Titans, and this was probably my 20th time viewing it–and each time I see it new.  I see or feel something I missed the previous time, or there’s a new energy in a scene that I missed.  I sense we upgrade what we hear and see as we change, and therefore a familiar movie or story or perspective gets upgraded.  Like in this palindrome.

A palindrome is a written message that reads the same backwards as forward. This video can be read that way, but the magic lies in how the author reads it new — I was blown away with how I was led to read a brand new meaning to the same old words.

This is a short 2-minute video and it is brilliant, submitted by a 20 year-old in a contest by AARP  entitled “u@50″.   The video won second place, but when they showed it, everyone in the room was awe-struck and broke into spontaneous applause.

Here’s to seeing with new eyes and an open heart!