Honoring The Power of Desire

I awakened Saturday morning with a burning desire to get back into dancing. It’s been years, but I remembered the full-body sweat of a jazz or modern dance class. I felt such a jones to feel that explosion from my core again. So I jumped on the internet and found The Top 7 Dance Studios in Los Angeles on the Huffington Post! Wow, and one was close by: Your Neighborhood Studio (YNS) in Culver City.  Check out their video.   I just have to stop and give DESIRE credit, because when I honor it, (instead of worrying) there is speed, ease, wonder, thrill and magic. That’s what occurred here.

So YNS was advertising their ONCE A YEAR Open House – happening the next day! The only day of the year, and here I am finding it 24 hours before. They were offering an entire afternoon of half-hour sample classes with no fees, so I plopped myself in their hands and said, “Let’s go!” Continue reading

Surprising What Love Can Do

Check out this great piece by my guest blogger, Deirdre McGill.

Every January 17th, I think about my live-in boyfriend from my college days.  We were 19 and 22 when we hooked up and lived together for 11 years.

We moved in together after my father almost choked me to death.  I made the mistake of standing up to my dad and in a fit of alcoholic rage; his reaction was not one of tolerance or understanding.  Good thing that my Grandmother was there to pry his hands from around my neck or I would not be writing this today.

Disregarding the family advice of “why buy the cow when the milk is free,” I kept living with my friend without the sanctity of marriage until we knew that there was absolutely no future for us.  He wanted to get married and I refused unless he swore fidelity. He refused.

Besides the “cheating” issues and the years of lies and betrayals, I knew that marriage was not on my path.  Over the years, I turned down over 100 marriage proposals.  I had to be honest with myself.  I wanted to be happy.  I wished for happiness with all of my heart and knew that I would be on a life’s adventure until I found it  – or it found me.  I knew that I could never be happy with a man when I was not happy with myself. Continue reading

Fun In the Dark

Imagine eating with absolutely no stimulus to your eyes–seeing no shadows, no movement and no food! My eyes were open but all I saw was blackness, and it was a journey beyond. 

Jerome and I celebrated our 22nd wedding anniversary yesterday, November 19th, and I surprised him with dinner at Opaque Restaurant, a restaurant in Santa Monica where the waiters are blind or visually impaired, and the dining experience takes away sight. The restaurant was absolutely black, and as our waiter, Michael, escorted us to our table, he had to assist us to sit, to find our silverware, and even find each other’s hand! He assisted us to pass food back and forth with instructions as to where to reach into the darkness to find it.

Because of the depth of the blackness, because of no visual stimuli, every morsel of food tasted deeper, richer, more exquisite. I don’t know if I ever tasted a melon ball that was more erotic. Or sauteed spinach that was more desirously appetizing. We ate with silverware sometimes, yet the real fun was eating with our hands! The filet mignon came already cut in pieces, with a steak knife on the plate just in case you wanted to cut it even more. We had the chance to maneuver in this new space of sightlessness, and as I learned to do so, I felt enveloped in a healing, balancing chamber. Everything felt amplified — our communication, our touch, our silence. We were in the All’s hands. Continue reading