Hanging Out With Mickey and Friends

Disneyland is a place I go to feel the magic and to reconnect with my passions. My husband, Jerome, and I went to Disneyland! We stayed at the Grand California Hotel, which has the benefit of allowing its guests to enter the park an hour earlier than the rest of the park guests. Jerome actually shocked me and was up and moving around at 6:45 am and he is not a morning person by any means. My how the fantasy pulls us! We got up, rode the screaming California roller coaster twice and went to the Tower of Terror all before 8:30 am!!! Who says we are not young at heart?

We also ate at Goofy’s kitchen and met up with many characters, including Goofy himself and Cinderella. The most magical moment happened the night before when while listening to Drew Tretick, we turned around and saw our companion Rachel who had come down to Disneyland for a refresher and was drawn to the music of Drew. Disneyland is a place where magic, fun and adventure awaits all who enter the gates.