Fun In the Dark

Imagine eating with absolutely no stimulus to your eyes–seeing no shadows, no movement and no food! My eyes were open but all I saw was blackness, and it was a journey beyond. 

Jerome and I celebrated our 22nd wedding anniversary yesterday, November 19th, and I surprised him with dinner at Opaque Restaurant, a restaurant in Santa Monica where the waiters are blind or visually impaired, and the dining experience takes away sight. The restaurant was absolutely black, and as our waiter, Michael, escorted us to our table, he had to assist us to sit, to find our silverware, and even find each other’s hand! He assisted us to pass food back and forth with instructions as to where to reach into the darkness to find it.

Because of the depth of the blackness, because of no visual stimuli, every morsel of food tasted deeper, richer, more exquisite. I don’t know if I ever tasted a melon ball that was more erotic. Or sauteed spinach that was more desirously appetizing. We ate with silverware sometimes, yet the real fun was eating with our hands! The filet mignon came already cut in pieces, with a steak knife on the plate just in case you wanted to cut it even more. We had the chance to maneuver in this new space of sightlessness, and as I learned to do so, I felt enveloped in a healing, balancing chamber. Everything felt amplified — our communication, our touch, our silence. We were in the All’s hands. Continue reading