Honoring The Power of Desire

I awakened Saturday morning with a burning desire to get back into dancing. It’s been years, but I remembered the full-body sweat of a jazz or modern dance class. I felt such a jones to feel that explosion from my core again. So I jumped on the internet and found The Top 7 Dance Studios in Los Angeles on the Huffington Post! Wow, and one was close by: Your Neighborhood Studio (YNS) in Culver City.  Check out their video.   I just have to stop and give DESIRE credit, because when I honor it, (instead of worrying) there is speed, ease, wonder, thrill and magic. That’s what occurred here.

So YNS was advertising their ONCE A YEAR Open House – happening the next day! The only day of the year, and here I am finding it 24 hours before. They were offering an entire afternoon of half-hour sample classes with no fees, so I plopped myself in their hands and said, “Let’s go!” Continue reading