Putting Happy To Work

Happy is a state of being.
Could you take an internal adventure and go beyond right now, reach up and pull down some HAPPY and bring a recharging lift to all around you? Look at what 400 people did at an ordinary train station in January 09.

Many hours of work went into the production. The directors took months to audition the talent, choreograph the steps and put all the pieces together. This next video shows the making of the dance. It took a lot of work.

Think about how we refer to work: getting it to work, working out the kinks, working the principle, think it’ll work?, working it out, be glad you have work, get back to work! There’s something very uplifting in actual WORK (Wealth, Order, Relaxation, Knowing) that provides the discipline and preparation needed to produce great results. Take a look: WORK and HAPPY go hand in hand.

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11 thoughts on “Putting Happy To Work

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