Welcome to the FUN ZONE: The Courage To Keep Going!

Gail Green is a learner of life and leadership.  She has been part of transformational change with individuals and teams for over 25 years.  Gail and her team focus on  reconnecting people to their truth, and that changes everything!  Who benefits?
    ♦    Businesses that desire more passion, profit or productivity
    ♦    Leaders reaching for their greatness
    ♦    Individuals who desire to listen to their hearts

Here are the FUN ways you can connect with us over and over:

Weekly blog postings
(about learning and fun)

Fortune Cookie Wisdom
(who doesn't need a little extra wisdom?)

Wakenings Tool Box
(for new tools to deal with life challenges)

Courage To Keep Going Book
(CTKG) is a "pocket book", the first of a series of magical cards on a binder ring that fits in your pocket. It was born as an attempt to assist Gail's mom who was contemplating giving up after undergoing hip surgery. It guides anyone who desires the courage to keep going...
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