4 Students Speak Out on Arizona SB-1070

My son and three class mates from the University of Arizona revealed their views in this short video on Senate Bill 1070, a bill that legalizes police officers’ efforts to stop and search individuals in Arizona that appear to be illegal immigrants, mainly from south of the border. This is an example of not only what these young people feel about current life issues, but also how convincingly they can convey their message using multi media. Your thoughts?

SB – 170

Work/Life Balance — Literally!

A dear friend forwarded this video to me, and it’s a beautiful and graceful demonstration of work/life balance. This is a performance of Swan Lake, a common ballet, performed by the Great Chinese State Circus, demonstrating exceptionally uncommon excellence — balance beyond balance, and ability beyond human ability. Be prepared to be blown away! I am moved to see how balance, connection, and extreme flexibility can showcase an expression of great beauty and trust rarely seen between man and woman. A celebration of work/life balance. ENJOY!