The Benefits of Napping

My husband(Jerome)recently was in the middle of a contracting discussion with a client and he was somewhat stressed over it. He decided that instead of sending an email, as the client had requested, with new numbers that he would take a nap. When he woke up, the client had texted him and asked him to call. He called and the discussion was simple and easy, the client proposed an amount that within a $100 of the number he had come up with prior to his nap.

Sometimes the courage to keep going requires a NAP.

A Hero Lies In Me

The past few weeks have been bumpy for me in many ways. I was reminded of the energy of the Hero. The Hero is someone who will bring through principle no matter if they are afraid,facing criticism and rejection. I’ve always luvved this piece of by Mariah Carey singing Hero to Michael Jordan at his last All-Star game.

MJ exemplified the Hero on a daily basis. Not just by scoring baskets, but more so for being willing to be a constant demonstration of
The Courage To Keep Going

Finding Your Happy Place

“Where Do You Go to Find You?”

Many people are without a “place,” an activity or state of being that tunes them into their greater listening and truth. While Tiana has running, and it connects her to her dad, I’m thinking of my friend Lauren with crossword puzzles, my Mom with bridge, mine with the outdoors, particularly sweating outdoors, etc. I feel the pull to return consistently to the places where truth speaks loudly and boldly within.

No Whining, No Complaining, No Excuses

I constantly have to remind myself of this one on a daily basis. There is Life and then there are Life’s Issues. Which one do you follow ? While this Jordan commercial is about basketball, it’s really about how we decide to live our lives on a daily basis. I have a few Courage to Keep going books available.

JORDAN – Maybe it’s my fault from eric stevens on Vimeo.


Wishing you a powerfully fulfilling 2013! This past year was quite a ride, wasn’t it? The Mayan calendar ending and the predictions of Armageddon–for me, all that pointed to the real “end” of the old, making way for the new energy of engaged, activated peace.

PEACE: Passionate Energy Activating Courageous Exchange

Wishing you all PEACE in your hearts for 2013….

Being On Duty

What a time to be on duty! With all the changes, challenges and difficulties around us, now is the time to fill the world with Luvv.

I hear the call daily, but when my client gave me the above cup which said “On Duty” on one side and “Off Duty” on the other, it became very personal! To touch everything I do and make and say, with Luvv, that is the spirit and magic of the season! I desire to stay ON DUTY…

Hanging Out With Mickey and Friends

Disneyland is a place I go to feel the magic and to reconnect with my passions. My husband, Jerome, and I went to Disneyland! We stayed at the Grand California Hotel, which has the benefit of allowing its guests to enter the park an hour earlier than the rest of the park guests. Jerome actually shocked me and was up and moving around at 6:45 am and he is not a morning person by any means. My how the fantasy pulls us! We got up, rode the screaming California roller coaster twice and went to the Tower of Terror all before 8:30 am!!! Who says we are not young at heart?

We also ate at Goofy’s kitchen and met up with many characters, including Goofy himself and Cinderella. The most magical moment happened the night before when while listening to Drew Tretick, we turned around and saw our companion Rachel who had come down to Disneyland for a refresher and was drawn to the music of Drew. Disneyland is a place where magic, fun and adventure awaits all who enter the gates.

The World Of Color

Walt’s energy is very much alive at Disneyland. His dedication to quality, fun and a full exchange with the customer is everywhere. I was transformed back to my childhood as I watched the spectacular World of Color light show. I felt the fantasy come alive in thrilling color and expansive music, as I was engulfed by the blackness. What a wonderful ride. Enjoy.