I received some yummy recipes from my dear companions for my birthday. I’ve always said I’m not a good cook, but the truth is that I’d rather be outside in the fresh air–climbing, walking, dancing, playing. And yet I am changing, appreciating the food that carries a luvv and lift with it. I desire to fill my home with anything and everything that does just that, lifts the people who enter and partake. I have found that when food is prepared with luvv, it tranforms beyond nutrition to essence, and I desire to learn to cook that way. My companions who are showing me the way, I am very grateful.

Here is the recipe book I have started, with the recipes of my dear contributing companions–Karrie, Wendy, Sheri, Nora, Leslie and Kristen. Thank you so much! I am pulled to cook every recipe you have given me and test it on my family and friends, particularly on the weekends, and especially when I can freeze the dishes for later. More to come!