I received some yummy recipes from my dear companions for my birthday. I’ve always said I’m not a good cook, but the truth is that I’d rather be outside in the fresh air–climbing, walking, dancing, playing. And yet I am changing, appreciating the food that carries a luvv and lift with it. I desire to fill my home with anything and everything that does just that, lifts the people who enter and partake. I have found that when food is prepared with luvv, it tranforms beyond nutrition to essence, and I desire to learn to cook that way. My companions who are showing me the way, I am very grateful.

Here is the recipe book I have started, with the recipes of my dear contributing companions–Karrie, Wendy, Sheri, Nora, Leslie and Kristen. Thank you so much! I am pulled to cook every recipe you have given me and test it on my family and friends, particularly on the weekends, and especially when I can freeze the dishes for later. More to come!


Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass….it’s about learning to dance in the rain!

–Vivian Greene from her book Learning to Dance in the Rain

A dear friend sent me this quote yesterday, and another send the photo! It’s a beautiful day outside today, and yet everyone has been speaking about how unpredictable the weather has been; the world is; changes are. I have such a desire to learn to dance in the rain, and with the challenges and issues of my life! LET’S GET DRENCHED AND ENJOY IT!

I Luvv This Rain!

I was out walking in the torrential rain yesterday and I couldn’t get enough! It was coming down so strong that I had to wear a hat so low on my face that it blocked my vision, as you can see in the photo. Because of it, I ran into a thick tree branch and an overhanging bush while walking to the grocery store. I cracked myself up! Here I am out in the rain by preference and smashing into things and feeling SO HAPPY! The rain was torrential, and my shoes and pants were drenched within minutes, but I luvved it! Memories of childhood escapades flooded my thoughts — putting my face up into the wet sky and splashing in the puddles.

While I was drinking in the pleasure of the wetness, over 25,000 runners were racing the LA Marathon! Multitudes of runners of all ages, shapes and sizes were going for it in the rain. Some of them must have been running their first marathon. I tracked my friend, Ben, via texts at 4 intervals on the course, and he braved it! The winner, Markos Gineti from Ethiopia, set a course record in this rain and it was his debut to marathons–he was “rain-aided!” One of the top men’s finishers said, “It’s the roughest race I’ve ever run in the rain.” The rain was definitely the adventure of the day!

Cross Training Made EASY!


I ran a 5K race in January, after not having raced in over 5 years. My cousins called to ask me to join them while they ran the LA Half Marathon. I signed up for the 5K that accompanied that race. To my surprise, I had the stamina to RUN it with no training.

I ran one day for about 1 1/2 miles last November, and maybe a few times over the summer. I’ve been doing Power Yoga weekly, hoola hooping, hiking and walking — that’s been my cross training. I knew I could walk the 3.1 miles, but I had no idea I had the endurance to run it the entire way! When I crossed the finish line, I was overcome with the thrill of VICTORY — what all can I actually do? What else can I achieve? Could I actually be getting younger than older?

Ron and Clare

Clare, Gail, Jerome, Margo, Jason

My cousin stopped smoking by taking up long distance running. He and his wife have run so many half marathons and triathalons. I no longer want to run distances but the thrill of being with many passionate runners was a real turn on!

I think cross training is doing what you luvv to do, and then applying that to new things. I’m now adding dance to my cross training. Who knows what all I can do with the character developed through many ways of expressing and sweating myself? Here’s the biggest surprise of all: I FINISHED 6TH IN MY AGE CATEGORY!!

Surprising What Love Can Do

Check out this great piece by my guest blogger, Deirdre McGill.

Every January 17th, I think about my live-in boyfriend from my college days.  We were 19 and 22 when we hooked up and lived together for 11 years.

We moved in together after my father almost choked me to death.  I made the mistake of standing up to my dad and in a fit of alcoholic rage; his reaction was not one of tolerance or understanding.  Good thing that my Grandmother was there to pry his hands from around my neck or I would not be writing this today.

Disregarding the family advice of “why buy the cow when the milk is free,” I kept living with my friend without the sanctity of marriage until we knew that there was absolutely no future for us.  He wanted to get married and I refused unless he swore fidelity. He refused.

Besides the “cheating” issues and the years of lies and betrayals, I knew that marriage was not on my path.  Over the years, I turned down over 100 marriage proposals.  I had to be honest with myself.  I wanted to be happy.  I wished for happiness with all of my heart and knew that I would be on a life’s adventure until I found it  – or it found me.  I knew that I could never be happy with a man when I was not happy with myself. Continue reading