The Benefits of Napping

My husband(Jerome)recently was in the middle of a contracting discussion with a client and he was somewhat stressed over it. He decided that instead of sending an email, as the client had requested, with new numbers that he would take a nap. When he woke up, the client had texted him and asked him to call. He called and the discussion was simple and easy, the client proposed an amount that within a $100 of the number he had come up with prior to his nap.

Sometimes the courage to keep going requires a NAP.

Learnings from the Hudson River Crash Landing

This is a 5 minute video by Ric Elias, a passenger on the United flight that crash landed in the Hudson River. He speaks about what he learned in those final seconds before impact. And how the crash has changed his life.

Sometimes truths have to be forced in our faces. Seems that’s the only way I really learn. Ric said he didn’t want to be right anymore, he wanted to be happy. That’s a life principle for me…

The old and the new can really work well together…

Yoda and Jar Jar are great symbols of fun, fantasy and principle. I am posting this here because I find myself coming back to this piece with such a lift in my heart, every time I see it. While the routine is old, it is made new with these wonderous characters.

Our son, Pharoah, just moved to Tucson to start a new phase of his life at the University of Arizona. I am so thrilled for him! And, this change means large transformation for Jerome and I. One change impacts all around. Change, uncertainty, finding new expressions in old situations. It’s awkward. And yet I know that play and silly and discovery are the ways I move out of worry and panic. It’s so much more fun to laugh and trust that all is well. Could it be that laughing assists me to trust…?


We are excited to announce an upcoming section of the blog called Wakenings. It will be the place to go for ongoing tools to deal with your stress.  It will give you applicable tools to use daily to build principle, balance your life and show you how Stress Works! You heard right, Stress Works! There will actually be a Stress Works game — stay tuned for more!

In the meantime, consider this:  everything is changing.  Change is pressure and pressure is stress.  Stress is nothing more than the awareness and sensitivity to the change that is personally coming to YOU.  Learning to embrace the stress is the key.  Minimizing the tension, or resistance, is the focus.  Take a look at some “wakenings” that will lift your spirits right now:

Expanding Heart Roaring Lion Fortune Cookie Wisdom

Expanding Heart Roaring Lion Fortune Cookie Wisdom