Fun In the Dark

Imagine eating with absolutely no stimulus to your eyes–seeing no shadows, no movement and no food! My eyes were open but all I saw was blackness, and it was a journey beyond. 

Jerome and I celebrated our 22nd wedding anniversary yesterday, November 19th, and I surprised him with dinner at Opaque Restaurant, a restaurant in Santa Monica where the waiters are blind or visually impaired, and the dining experience takes away sight. The restaurant was absolutely black, and as our waiter, Michael, escorted us to our table, he had to assist us to sit, to find our silverware, and even find each other’s hand! He assisted us to pass food back and forth with instructions as to where to reach into the darkness to find it.

Because of the depth of the blackness, because of no visual stimuli, every morsel of food tasted deeper, richer, more exquisite. I don’t know if I ever tasted a melon ball that was more erotic. Or sauteed spinach that was more desirously appetizing. We ate with silverware sometimes, yet the real fun was eating with our hands! The filet mignon came already cut in pieces, with a steak knife on the plate just in case you wanted to cut it even more. We had the chance to maneuver in this new space of sightlessness, and as I learned to do so, I felt enveloped in a healing, balancing chamber. Everything felt amplified — our communication, our touch, our silence. We were in the All’s hands. Continue reading

33 Miners Trapped for 69 Days

Talk about the Courage to Keep Going–33 miners, ranging in age from 19 -63, were trapped for 69 days 1/2 mile underground in Chile. The rescue efforts from the world showcased greatness, compassion and luvv on a very large level. They organized themselves, they kept a circadian rhythm of day and night, and each took on tasks that kept them a valuable part of the whole. I think about tough days I’ve had lately, and then I contrast it with 17 days of them not even knowing if rescue efforts could find them. So for those days, their rations were merely dabs of tuna, small amounts of milk and a cracker every 48 hours. Confined in a 500 square foot space, this area accommodated 33 men. I am humbled, honored and lifted by their incredible journey of hope. My dear companion, Sharon McKenzie, posted this

The old and the new can really work well together…

Yoda and Jar Jar are great symbols of fun, fantasy and principle. I am posting this here because I find myself coming back to this piece with such a lift in my heart, every time I see it. While the routine is old, it is made new with these wonderous characters.

Our son, Pharoah, just moved to Tucson to start a new phase of his life at the University of Arizona. I am so thrilled for him! And, this change means large transformation for Jerome and I. One change impacts all around. Change, uncertainty, finding new expressions in old situations. It’s awkward. And yet I know that play and silly and discovery are the ways I move out of worry and panic. It’s so much more fun to laugh and trust that all is well. Could it be that laughing assists me to trust…?


We are excited to announce an upcoming section of the blog called Wakenings. It will be the place to go for ongoing tools to deal with your stress.  It will give you applicable tools to use daily to build principle, balance your life and show you how Stress Works! You heard right, Stress Works! There will actually be a Stress Works game — stay tuned for more!

In the meantime, consider this:  everything is changing.  Change is pressure and pressure is stress.  Stress is nothing more than the awareness and sensitivity to the change that is personally coming to YOU.  Learning to embrace the stress is the key.  Minimizing the tension, or resistance, is the focus.  Take a look at some “wakenings” that will lift your spirits right now:

Expanding Heart Roaring Lion Fortune Cookie Wisdom

Expanding Heart Roaring Lion Fortune Cookie Wisdom

Santa is always here

I was listening to Christmas music in my car yesterday and realized that I like it all year long. It’s only been in the past few years that I dared to do so. Call me crazy, but it used to feel like it was taboo outside of its season. The truth is that I luvv Santa and Santa is a symbol of joy and hope and the gifts that keep flooding in, if we’ll receive them.

So here it is the end of March, and I’m feeling Santa and his magic. With all the change and craziness and pace that’s beyond what I ever thought I could embrace, Santa connects me to happy and “All is well.” I wish that for you.

Putting Happy To Work

Happy is a state of being.
Could you take an internal adventure and go beyond right now, reach up and pull down some HAPPY and bring a recharging lift to all around you? Look at what 400 people did at an ordinary train station in January 09.

Many hours of work went into the production. The directors took months to audition the talent, choreograph the steps and put all the pieces together. This next video shows the making of the dance. It took a lot of work.

Think about how we refer to work: getting it to work, working out the kinks, working the principle, think it’ll work?, working it out, be glad you have work, get back to work! There’s something very uplifting in actual WORK (Wealth, Order, Relaxation, Knowing) that provides the discipline and preparation needed to produce great results. Take a look: WORK and HAPPY go hand in hand.

Welcome to my new blog!

Hello World!  You don’t know how long I’ve been yearning for a place to write my quirky thoughts, deep discoveries and wild ideas!   I welcome you to the journey with me, and I hope you will return often for nuggets of truth, fun, and adventure.  The writings, photos and video pieces I hope will give you as much pleasure receiving them as it is for me to blog them.